How It Works


4 Built-In Connectors

ClickFree Pro comes with every connector you need already built-in. Whatever the device, ClickFree Pro has you covered. At the bottom is a standard USB connector that will work with virtually any computer.


Lightning Connector

The Lightning Connector works with with iPhones and iPads. Connecting it will launch the ClickFree Pro app for one-touch backups and to take pictures without using device storage. you can even transfer files.


Micro-USB Connector

The micro-USB connector is perfect for connecting to a variety of devices including most Android phones and tablets. For Android devices, the ClickFree Pro app is available in the Google Play Store.


USB Type-C

USB Type-C is a newer connector used with many Samsung phones and some Apple computers and iPad Pro models. Because it's included, you're able to use ClickFree Pro with your current Type-C compatible devices and those you may own in the future.


Clickfree Backup Makes It Easy

With the ClickFree Pro app for iOS and Android, you can backup your photos, videos and contacts simply by tapping the big green button at the top of the app. Other features like "use camera" are just as simple to master. Its powerful and easy.



Save Your Photos

ClickFree Pro is easy, compatible with virtually every device, and gives you the power to save your photos and videos, expand the storage of your devices and take more pictures and videos more securely. There's no reason not to have a physical backup of your photos, so get your ClickFree Pro today, with free shipping!